SERMA Technologies


Created in 1991 with the merging of several Bordeaux-based laboratories (ICE and IBM Europe laboratory) and with various external growth phases, SERMA Technologies has expanded its scope of activities beyond its core business dedicated to inspecting and testing electronic components.

As part of Electronic Technologies Management “ETM®”, we offer dedicated consultancy and support services for components, circuit boards and full electronic systems.

  • 1994

    Creation of SERMA Technologies, bringing together SERMA, ICE France and the IBM electronics laboratory

  • 1996

    Acquisition of TCS (Thomson Composants Spécifiques) in Grenoble

  • 1998

    Creation of the ITSEF (Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility)

  • 2001

    Creation of the Consultancy service

  • 2004

    Acquisition of LCIE

  • 2013

    Moving into the new headquarters in Pessac

  • 2017

    Implementation of a platform dedicated to battery abuse testing, shared with the CEA

  • 2018

    Launch of the Energy 2020 project and acquisition of Science et Surface

  • 2020

    SERMA Technologies and Science et Surface merged,
    Science et Surface become a BU of SERMA Technologies.

  • 2023

    Acquisition of Microtech Laboratories in the United States.