SERMA Technologies

About the company

Specialised in electronics technologies and wholly owned by SERMA Group, SERMA Technologies assists its customers throughout the industrial cycle by advising them in the development, reliability and operational safety of their products.

The company offers activities of technology expertise, analysis, control, test, consulting and training, on semiconductors, materials, active and passive components, boards, systems, batteries, hydrogen , and solar panels for signal and power electronics.

With their multisector expertise, our teams of Engineers and Technicians use state-of-the-art equipment enabling them to address a wide range of customer issues:

  • Learning about new technologies
  • Understanding the component and its failures
  • Checking its features (by accelerating environmental constraints)

Creation: 1991

8 sites: Pessac, Guyancourt, Les Ulis, Grenoble (pôle Minatec et CEA Tech), Le Bourget du Lac, Ecully, Le Cheylas, Plano (US)

7000 m² of laboratory

7000 expert assessments/year

Centre of Expertise

SERMA Technologies provides more than 7000 physical and electrical expert assessments per year for components, circuit boards and electronic systems in all sectors:

  • Technological analysis and qualifications
  • Failure analysis
  • Smart card testing
  • Electrical testing and characterisation
  • Reliability testing and characterisation of semiconductor processes
  • Qualification programmes
  • FIB modifications of integrated circuits
  • Etc.


The ETM® (Electronic Technologies Management) offer allows optimal use of electronic technologies, through six areas of expertise:

  • Monitoring technological developments
  • Reliability assurance
  • Problem-solving
  • Durability management and handling obsolescence
  • Technological logistical support
  • Specific circuit reliability assurance

Ongoing, comprehensive and modular support may be provided throughout the life cycle of a product (Marketing, R&D, industrialisation, production, through-life support / after-sales service).


SERMA Technologies provides intra and inter-company training sessions (standard products catalogue and modules for specific training on request):

  • Active and passive component technologies
  • Assembly
  • Audit
  • Failure analysis
  • Smart cards
  • Reliability
  • Avionics
  • Etc.