SERMA Technologies receives SME label from CNES
Aug 23

SERMA Technologies is proud to join the list of companies awarded the “SME” label by CNES for its Expertise in EEE components and boards for space projects. To date, only 51 SME labels have been awarded by the French Space Agency.


The recognized areas of expertise are :

  • Failure and construction analysis (DPA)
  • Safety, reliability and qualification of EEE components, qualification of complete electronic boards
  • Electrical and environmental tests (excluding radiation testing) of EEE components: passive, discrete, digital analog, mixed, power, RF, ASICs or hybrids

This SME label awarded by CNES highlights the activities of an SME that is a key supplier in the space sector for the development of products or the implementation of space services. Its use and that of the logo are limited to the services covered by this certificate, the scope of which must be explicitly specified in any use. This label in no way constitutes a certification, and its award in no way prejudges the Holder’s ability to perform any other service, for which CNES shall in no way be held responsible in the event of difficulties in performance by the Label Holder.

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