SERMA Technologies guides you each step of the recycling value chain.
May 23

2 major objectives will affect the European automotive industry in the coming years.


  •  In 2035, no more new vehicles with combustion engines (excluding synthetic fuels) will be sold in the European Union.

The number of electric vehicles on the market is growing strongly and will therefore continue to grow. The production of Li-ion batteries is strongly encouraged by the European Union.


  •  The European Union wants to become resource independent.

Recycling is therefore a major issue. Without this consideration, European industries will not be able to supply themselves with Ni, Co or even Li, essential elements for the production of Li-ion batteries.

In an electric vehicle, a battery at the end of its life still has about 70-80% of energy available. Choosing to reuse or recycle them is essential for the future of the industry.

SERMA Technologies guides you through each step of the recycling value chain of your lithium batteries.

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Our experts accompany you from the reconditioning of your battery modules to their integration as a new product but also in the stages of recycling into recoverable material.

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