SERMA launches its service offering for the photovoltaic industry

Over the past 7 years, SERMA Technologies realized a lot of analysis on silicon wafers, solar cells and modules for the Industry and decided to enlarge its service offering. Due to the drastic diminution of its energy cost during the last decade, Photovoltaic became one of the most promising energy for building the future.

With our experience and our expertise, we are aware that many challenges still to be complete for constructing, using, increasing the reliability, maintaining and ensuring the solar technologies, both for solar plants and roof plants than for all the other applications.

Insurability of the Photovoltaic installations became difficult, specifically on the roofs, due to many accidents that could have been avoided with a better knowledge of the risks and the failure mechanisms.

Trust in photovoltaic installations security must be restored and it will emerge only with a better risks evaluation and a deeper expertize on the field.

The regain of interest for the photovoltaic energy, the self-consumption, the home automation and the stand-alone systems, consolidate SERMA to propose a complete offer for all this chain value.

All Photovoltaic systems comprise power electronics, inverters and, sometimes, some batteries for the energy storage which are relevant competencies of SERMA Technologies which is the biggest independent Europe laboratory providing analysis and expertizes in these fields for almost 25 years.

Our location on INES site (French National Institute for Solar Energy) close of a certifying body permit SERMA to cover most of the customers issues (conception, reliability, troubleshooting, failure analysis etc.).

The SERMA services are dedicated to operators and installers, solar cells and module makers, industrials wishing to develop or improve a solar product and insurers and legal experts in case of litigation issues.

Solar plants, operators, insurers, legal expert: 

  • Electrical control and validation
  • Power loss solving
  • Fire origins investigation
  • Failure and root cause analysis

Industry (home automation solution, urban furniture, mobility…):

  • Assistance in project development (specification, dimensioning and technical choices, cost analysis, technical exchange …), partners and subcontractors finding
  • Consulting and support in the development of stand-alone solar products
  • Training provide by a photovoltaic expert

Solar cells and modules manufacturing process: 

  • Audit of manufacturing processes, consulting and expertize
  • Moving to new module process and cells technologies, materials choice
  • Cells and modules materials analysis, Reverse Engineering, Failure mechanisms, Reliability

We are determined to give you support for addressing the challenge of a secure, responsible and mastered photovoltaic energy on all its aspects.

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