More than ever, the electronic components sector is the spearhead for technological innovation and evidence of its influence can be found in most systems.

SERMA Technologies provides solutions suited to all stakeholders of the semiconductor sector during the design, development, qualification, manufacturing and analysis of feedback from the field.

The services offered are aimed at all sector stakeholders:

  • Wafer fabs, which we support in order to develop their manufacturing processes through analyses of reliability, failure, materials, etc.
  • Integrated circuit designers, to whom we offer our expertise in terms of development, debugging, testing and qualification, and industrialisation

SERMA provides personalised support for each sector stakeholder:

  • IDMs
  • Fabless companies
  • Wafer fabs
  • Design houses

Component quality assurance

  • DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis)
  • Failure analysis

Electrical testing & component qualification

  • Electrical test engineering
  • Qualification of electronic components in accordance with MIL-STD, ESCC, AEC-Qxxx, IEC, JEDEC, etc.
  • Climatic, mechanical, pressure, radiation, combined testing, etc.
  • Burn-in
  • Electrical failure analysis
  • Passive, discrete, analogue, digital, mixed, electronic components, etc.

Development of components and processes

  • Intellectual property
  • Circuit Edit – FIB
  • Design For Test (DFT)
  • ESD protection strategy
  • ESD testing, Latch-Up testing for electromigration, TLP, etc.
  • Construction analysis: SEM, TEM, AFM, etc.
  • Analysis of materials


  • Electronic component technologies
  • Manufacturing processes: inspections, checks, audits
  • Assembly of components
  • Etc.