Other industries

Many systems are now enhanced with electronic functions. Designers are faced with the constant introduction of new technologies and have to deal with issues such as how to protect their inventions and adapt to a very short time to market, in markets that are extremely diverse: IoT, Telecommunications, Legal experts, etc.

They can rely on SERMA’s expertise in choosing new technologies and their suitability for the mission profile in order to market a safe and reliable product.

SERMA Technologies offers its expertise in assisting with problem-solving for components, batteries, circuit boards and electronic systems, in supporting design and industrialisation, and in managing and handling obsolescence
(analysis of components list, second source qualification, etc.). We also offer support in the framework of legal investigations further to damage or to ensure that a technology has not been copied.

SERMA Technologies monitors the manufacturing processes for components, batteries and circuit boards as well as materials used, through verification programmes and audits.

SERMA Technologies addresses the specific needs of reliability and dependability through methodological support and risk mitigation plans.

SERMA Technologies provides customised support for each sector stakeholder:

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Equipment manufacturers, subcontractors
  • EMS
  • Component manufacturers and suppliers
  • Legal experts

Component quality assurance

  • DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis)
  • Construction analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Second source qualification
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Batch repackaging for storage
  • Component repackaging
  • Storage

Electrical testing and component qualification

  • Electrical test engineering
  • Screening, upscreening
  • Qualification of COTS (Components Off-The-Shelf) components
  • Electronic components, printed circuit boards, electrical connectors, sensors, power electronics, etc.

Qualification of electronic equipment & energy storage systems

  • Conducting electrical tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Abuse testing on energy storage systems
  • Physical analysis (microsectioning, CSAM, whiskers, etc.)

Materials & manufacturing processes

  • PCB qualification and quality control
  • Verification programme in accordance with IPC-A-610
  • Analysis of soldering, microsectioning
  • Analysis of Whisker risks
  • EMS technical audits
  • Support with improving manufacturing and integration processes for circuit boards, etc.
  • ESD audits
  • Commented design: technological choices, RoHS, DFT, DFR, DFM, etc.
  • Analysis of materials, pollution, etc.

Improving reliability

  • RResolving quality issues, searching for root causes, failure analysis
  • Support with drawing up design and production specifications
  • Determining the mission profile
  • Reliability and robustness improvement plan (HALT/HASS, etc.)
  • Qualification plan

Resolving quality & reliability problems

  • Analysis and identification of the root causes of recurring malfunctions and random failures
  • Proposal and implementation of remedial actions


  • Analysis of components list
  • Alert management (Obsolescence, RoHS, export licensing, etc.)
  • Processing obsolescences, replacement solutions
  • Qualification of alternative sources
  • Upscreening
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Storage
  • Cloning
  • Redesigning circuit boards