SERMA Technologies is firmly committed to the challenges of the automotive industry through its solid knowledge of the sector and specific expertise for every link in the chain. From the integrated circuit designer to the OEM, we manage the technological risks, which is essential for the image of reliability that your customers expect.

Here are a few areas where we can provide you with technological and methodological added value:

  • Smart vehicles: we assist OEMs and equipment manufacturers with pre-qualifying or qualifying future technologies, including microcontrollers, complete electronic systems, and sensors. In this universe where new stakeholders are emerging offering technological breakthroughs, we offer you our multisectoral experience
  • Vehicle electrification: whether in relation to components (MOS, IGBT, cells etc.) or complete sub-assemblies (inverters, chargers, converters, batteries, etc.), we have the skills and expert resources to support your products towards maturity

SERMA will help you to understand changes in the mission profiles of your products, and their conversion into reliability requirements:

  • ADAS function: the revolution of the future entails increased responsibilities for vehicle manufacturers and, as a result, the criticality of certain functions is raised even further. In this context, we will help you to reinforce your specifications and improve your management of supply chain-related risks
  • Crisis resolution: in a constantly accelerating development cycle, responding quickly and effectively to quality crises helps to prevent financial sanctions and restore confidence. Our teams of experts are able to complement your 8D approach, through unique feedback on electronic failure mechanisms, and our ability to urgently put together teams dedicated to your issue (technical, process, reliability)

Component quality assurance

  • PPAP analysis
  • DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis)
  • Construction analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Second source qualification
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Batch repackaging for storage
  • Storage

Electrical testing and component qualification

  • Electrical test engineering
  • Qualification of electronic components in accordance with AEC-Qxxx
  • Qualification of COTS (Components Off-The-Shelf) components
  • Physical analysis (microsectioning, CSAM, whiskers, etc.)
  • Electrical failure analysis
  • Electronic components, printed circuit boards, electrical connectors, sensors, power electronics, etc.

Qualification of electronic equipment & energy storage systems

  • Qualification of electronic equipment in accordance with OEM standards (B21, LV 124, etc.)
  • Conducting electrical tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Abuse testing on energy storage systems
  • Physical analysis (microsectioning, CSAM, whiskers, etc.)

Materials & manufacturing processes

  • PCB qualification and quality control
  • Verification programme in accordance with IPC-A-610
  • Analysis of soldering, microsectioning
  • Analysis of Whisker risks
  • EMS technical audits
  • Support with improving manufacturing and integration processes for circuit boards, batteries, cable harness sensors, etc.
  • ESD audits
  • Commented design: technological choices, RoHS, DFT, DFR, DFM, etc.
  • Analysis of materials, pollution, etc.

Improving reliability

  • Resolving quality issues, searching for root causes, failure analysis
  • Support with drawing up design and production specifications
  • Determining the mission profile
  • Reliability and robustness improvement plan (HALT/HASS, etc.)
  • Qualification plan