The regain of interest for the photovoltaic energy and the self-consumption consolidate SERMA  in its drive to propose a complete offer for all this value chain.


SERMA’s offer is dedicated to operators and installers, to photovoltaic cell and module manufacturers, to industrials wishing to develop or improve a solar product and to insurers and legal experts in case of litigation issues.


Solar plants, operators, insurers, legal expert:

  • Electrical control and validation
  • Power loss solving
  • Fire origins investigation
  • Failure and root cause analysis


Solar cells and modules manufacturing process:

  • Audit of manufacturing processes, consulting and expertise
  • Moving to new module process and cells technologies, materials choice
  • Cells and modules materials analysis, Reverse Engineering, Failure mechanisms, Reliability


Industry (home automation solution, urban furniture, mobility… ):

  • Assistance in project development (specification, dimensioning and technical choices, cost analysis, technical exchange …), partners and subcontractors finding
  • Consulting and support in the development of stand-alone solar products
  • Training provide by a photovoltaic expert