“Energy 2020”

To support the strong growth of the electrical energy sector, SERMA Group has opened a test, expertise and service platform of more than 5000m².

The group’s latest platform, SERMA Energy, is unique in Europe and is located in the AMPéRIS technology park in Pessac, a few hundred metres from the SERMA Group’s historic headquarters.

It complements the group’s technological capabilities in the fields of microelectronics, embedded systems and cybersecurity, and consolidates the one-stop shop for expertise and advice it offers in electronics and systems.

Specialist in electronics, SERMA Group, based in Pessac for nearly 30 years, has been carrying out expertise and tests on power converters and batteries for many years through its subsidiary SERMA Technologies.

Called “Energy 2020”, the project was launched on 1st January 2019 with the creation of an innovative independent centre, unique in Europe.

SERMA Energy is the only French service provider to support its customers throughout the entire value chain.

The platform is organized into 3 departments:

  • batteries (cells, modules and packs),
  • power electronics (converters, on-board or fixed chargers) and
  • applications (e-engines, drones, SMARTgrids).

The platform has numerous battery banks including more than 192 cell channels, 6 module channels and 8 pack channels, 12 power converter banks, 8 EV charger banks and 4 e-engine banks.

The means are designed to meet all current and future standard technologies with means that can exceed powers of more than one Megawatt.

SERMA Energy works closely with the subsidiaries of SERMA Group on qualification, engineering, industrialisation and physical expertise, as well as with partner laboratories on mechanical and chemical tests.

  • SERMA Technologies and SERMA Ingénierie complete this offer by providing abusive testing, electronic expertise and engineering services at the Group’s various sites: Grenoble, Chambéry, Guyancourt and Pessac.
  • SERMA Energy also benefits from the expertise of CEA and CEA Tech in R&D, simulation, digitalisation and robotisation activities.

The objectives of SERMA Energy:

  • Support the development of players around high-performance batteries, energy conversions and e-mobility applications,
  • Support and contribute to the energy and environmental transition along the entire R&D value chain, from industrialisation to product validation,
  • Design innovative test equipment to complete its facilities and meet specific needs.
  • Establish a multisectoral competence and expertise centre on a wide range of technologies.

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