We conduct reliability risk analyses for all types of electronic systems and suggest improvement plans as well as implementing those plans.

Our experts work on understanding the mission profile, choosing technologies and assessing COTS using reliability and robustness analyses. We strive to control costs during design.

The process enables comparative analyses to be performed on any product purchased with a non-existent or incomplete technological and technical database. We deploy a qualitative assessment method developed for your own products, and COTS, etc., based on SERMA Technologies’ experience in component, circuit board and electronic system reliability.

Types of service:

  • Design review: FMECA, plan review, etc.
  • Risk analysis: technologies versus mission profile
  • Creation and implementation of specific reliability and robustness plans including HALT
  • Creation of burn-in plans (burn-in effectiveness, burn-in safety)
  • Qualification of COTS products (Components Off-The-Shelf)
  • Reliability audit
  • Operational maintenance study, Health monitoring
  • Physical laboratory analysis of circuit boards and systems focused on:
    • Electrical protection
    • Identification of critical components
    • Technological choice
    • Component assembly
    • Industrialisation of circuit boards
    • Chemical protection
    • Quality of assembly
    • Product robustness