We will manage your industrial project to introduce new products or transfer manufacturing between different sites. Our experts will analyse the technical feasibility, the related costs, and the impacts in order to provide you with the necessary decision-making tools.

Your objectives are analysed by our experts:

The industrial context:

  • Introduction of new products
  • Industrial transfer
  • Deindustrialisation/Reorganisation
  • Supplier selection
  • Capacity optimisation

Associated needs:

  • Schedule
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Transfer strategy study
  • Transfer costs
  • Training

Reinforced or driven by:

  • Technical developments
  • New ranges
  • Acquisitions
  • Quality issues
  • Withdrawal
  • Cost reduction
  • Changes in demand
  • Product complexity
  • Diversity of stakeholders
  • Unavailable skills or resources
  • Time constraints

The industrialisation project manager will provide their support at every stage