ETM and R&D

Beyond mastering electronic design, the R&D department must integrate a number of constraints associated with the technologies and the manufacturing processes used to develop robust, reliable and manufacturable products.

Assistance with technological choices

Validate your technology choices by analyzing various parameters : mission profile, technology maturity, supplier maturity, functional margins, relative cost awareness, ...
The results of this exhaustive analysis are presented in the form of component and system reports with recommendations and action plans.


Assistance with technical specifications

Our assistance will consist of adjusting functional specifications and the mission profile, based on an in-depth study of electrical and physical parameters for different technologies.

Reliability / Robustness study and planning

Using our tried and tested methodology, improve the compatibility, reliability and maturity of your product within a timeframe that is compatible with your industrial cyclel.

FME(C)A Product

Based on the feedback collected, SERMA TECHNOLOGIES will use a FME ( C )A product process to provide an optimum characterization of the product failures modes and rates.

Custom integrated circuit design & manufacturing

Custom integrated circuit design or re-design. The SERMA TECHNOLOGIES Group covers all of the process stages necessary to provide a complete service, from defining specifications to delivering components.

System Security

For embedded technology, ensure that certain strategic software and hardware information are not accessible. Should a non-conformity be detected, SERMA TECHNOLOGIES will offer upgrade solutions.

Qualification Plan Implementation

Verification of product conformity with mission profile and technical specifications.

  • Design and conduct tests using specific technical studies, construction analyses, accelerated ageing tests, electrical characterizations, failure analyses, ...
  • Analyze results: modify technological choices, define the incoming component inspection process, burn-in options,..